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Message Center

You have access to an easier way to communicate with your clients via Email, Text Messages and Push Notifications. Halostream has a solution for you to efficiently and effectively liaise with your clients and the other way around. Moreover, the Message Center has a pre-configurable module that enables it to support any commission structure. This means it also handles and controls communication traffic systematically, making communication even easier.


Halostream keeps a perfect track of every transaction while also ensuring the safety and security of your finance. Moreover, our confidence is backed with more than 200M already billed/collected and more than 50M sent to different personal/Business Bank account via our integrated payment module. Rest assured Halostream will take on any challenges that our partners might be facing.

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Member Dashboard

Get all the necessary information about yourself in a single page. It is an information-made-easy page where you can view all your details including the invoices and payments. Just a look at this dashboard and you will be able to sort out as well as update these details.

Group Dashboard

If you are leading a group in your organization, this is the perfect dashboard for you. You will not only be able to view your own details but also that of your group members. Moreover, you can also make necessary updates to the information that you have access to.

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Rep Dashboard

This dashboard has an even broader perspective, that is so, because you have access to the information regarding the payments, invoices of everyone in your organization. The Rep dashboard is especially focused towards the higher level personnels in an organization as you can also update selective information regarding the members of your organization.

Benefit Store

Work smarter, not harder with the Benefit Store service. It is an enrollment service that will save you time and trees by going paperless! It’s an easy way to enroll members into a benefit plan or organization of your choice without clutter. Furthermore, all important information is securely stored in “the cloud.”

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